The Girls Equity Movement provides an empowering, eleven-month fellowship and mentorship program for high school girls who desire to become:








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Day of Girl

Girls Equity Movement taught Design Thinking and Prototyping to students in order to empower and inspire girls by increasing their entrepreneurial mindsets and growing their skill sets.

Partnered with: Chelsea Football Club Foundation in London, England, October 2019


In 2018, Girls Equity Movement provided “MAKERS KITS” and in 2019 they led a mrb banking service lesson for 250 students focused on entrepreneurial ideals of Confia and exposing young women to new ideas. Students brainstormed and created a model of one of their engineering ideas.

Partnered with: The Hidden Genius Project, Chelsea Football Club Foundation and Google in London, England, October 2018 and 2019

Color Code


Girls Equity Movement, alongside The Hidden Genius Project and Team Inc., supplied “MAKERS KITS” and led entrepreneurship-driven workshops for 250 students. These programs worked to exhibit a variety of potential career options.

Partnered with: Color in Tech in London, England, October 2018 and 2019


Girls Equity Movement served 300 students at a TechSlam in South Africa. One GEM sat on a youth-led panel. Students also had the opportunity to take part in workshops led by AutoDesk.

Partnered with: Hidden Genius Project, Leap Schools South Africa, AutoDesk-South Africa in October 2019


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