Stop shying away from who you have been called to be.


Your dreams are not too crazy, your ambition is not too big, and your perceived limitations can show themselves out.

We must begin to honor our dreams and ambitions, and to see ourselves as being capable of stepping out as the founders, CEOs, visionaries, investors, board members, and creators this world needs. As we do so, we will unapologetically cultivate a new sense of freedom and empowerment for both ourselves and the next generation.

May they never say they didn’t know there was opportunity or access for them to fully follow and fulfill the passions of their hearts.


As powerful as passion, dreams, and energy are, they don’t fund anything. Dr. DeWitt desires to bring the power of wealth to the ambitions of those who lack access to funding. She is especially passionate about providing venture capital for women and people of color, two demographics notoriously underfunded in the traditional lending world.

In addition, there are hundreds of young people without the resources or support to act on their dreams, another reality that has fueled Dr. DeWitt’s decision to become an investor herself.

Dr. DeWitt has listened to hundreds of young women tell her they plan to be doctors, social workers, teachers, and other positions they’ve seen adults in their lives fill. Rarely do they independently use terms like “founder” or “CEO” when describing their ambitions.
That must change. Our young people, and our young women especially, deserve to know they have the capacity to take on becoming creators, problem solvers, and independent thinkers in any role, traditional or not. The Youth Accelerator serves to ________________________


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Girls Equity Movement

Dr. DeWitt is passionate about providing leadership development and entrepreneurial training for young women. With the GEMs program, she’s provided both local and international programming across the United States; in London, England; and Johannesburg, South Africa in order to build entrepreneurial mindsets and tech skills, broaden emotional intelligence and leadership skills, and provide exposure to new career pathways.

Rather than waiting until they reach adulthood to finally give themselves permission to follow their dreams, Dr. DeWitt is seeking to empower and embolden young women from an early age. 



Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt is a Founder & CEO with a deep passion for serving highschool aged girls and young entrepreneurs of color. In her work, she helps them bridge the gap between having an idea and accessing the tools and resources needed to make that idea a reality. This includes reworking existing mindsets, learning new skills, and having access to the capital needed to create big things.