Dr. Nyeisha DeWitt is a Founder & CEO with a deep passion for serving high school aged girls and young entrepreneurs of color.

In her work, she helps them bridge the gap between having an idea and accessing the tools and resources needed to make that idea a reality. This includes reworking existing mindsets, learning new skills, and having access to the capital needed to create big things.


building wealth

Dr. DeWitt’s own experience has proven to her time and time again that no matter how much passion you have, or how amazing your ideas are, you can’t fully serve others when you lack resources. As a result, she recognized the power of building wealth in order to maximize impact. Looking around at the current entrepreneurial trends and ongoing wealth building patterns, however,
she saw a problem.

Too many young women didn’t seem to consider the option of becoming the founders, CEOs, and investors of our future.

The burden of believing you’re not enough, or of looking around and assuming that people like you don’t play “those” roles – that’s a burden Dr. DeWitt had carried herself for years. She tirelessly worked to meet others needs, and served in a plethora of ways, including high impact philanthropy, but she couldn’t quite allow herself to step into her own power and rise up to the next level. For most of her life she hadn’t even heard the word “founder”, much less been exposed to role models and tools that would make her think she could become one herself.


Dr. DeWitt has learned how to give herself permission to be who she should have given herself permission to be a long time ago. She’s done trying to check all the boxes, do everything “right”, and still feel like an imposter at the end of the day. As she takes her place at the table, she’s extending a hand to young innovators who have big dreams, compelling passions, and the confidence to seek mentoring, funding, and growth.